Our Story

KNAM FOODS is dedicated to distributing the salutary grains of taste and trust produced at Goel Rice Mills (GRM).

Rice Processing and Irrigation experience of over 49 years is the forte of Mr. Vijender Kumar Goel. It is the reflection of his inspirational journey that started with a single rice sheller in 1983 and threaded it’s way to lead the rice industry.

Our Products

Knam - Basmati Rice

Livens up your cuisines with pristine flavor and ingrained fragrance!

Andaaz - Basmati Rice

Awards your biryani with the perfect taste, texture and tang it deserves!

Naman - Basmati Rice

Makes cooking and eating a jollification of nature’s love and blessings!


Shahi Veg Pulao

A delicious mix vegetable pulao loaded with flavor.


Kheer is a traditional Indian dessert made by rice in milk.


It’s an Italian creamy dish, with supple grains of rice.

Jodhpuri Kabuli Pulao

An exotic dish prepared in layers of rice and veggies.

Veg Biryani

It's an aromatic dish, loaded with veggies, nuts & herbs.

Hydrabadi Veg Dum Biryani

A delicious concoction of rice, herbs and vegetables.


At KNAM FOODS, each grain is processed to meet the international standards of rice production. From paddy separation to rice packaging, every step is beady-eyed for ensuring perfection, and only quality-assured rice is forwarded to the market.

The breakage-prone and moist-sensitive rice demand extra care. Abrupt handling of it during carriage often wrecks the long grains, defacing their post-cooking appearance. KNAM cautiously picks packaging for making certain that its rice pouches render durability and secure grains from moisture and ruination.


Right ageing is crucial for adequately upgrading the taste and texture of rice. KNAM FOODS stores each grain in standardized conditions for a prescribed duration to enhance its pasting and gel properties. It commits to providing consumers a cereal with high nutritious values, refreshing flavors, and pleasing appearance.

Ladling Nutriment With Each Grain

Bowing to your right to know, we expose our methods of shielding nutrition during rice grains refining to your view.

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