GRM Rice Mill

The natural process of parboiling helps in retaining the rich vitamins and minerals of the Gold Saphire Basmati Rice grains. KNAM FOODS’ basmati rice undergoes the procedure of altering the texture ensuring firmer and separate grains upon cooking the rice. The rice is healthy and highly nutritious, low in sodium and saturated fat, Gold Saphire basmati rice offers for all the necessary nutrients that are used by body for energy.

Blue Saphire basmati rice is another segment of the basmati rice family that has been authenticated naturally by KNAM FOODS bringing it to perfection. The flavour and aromatic grain of Blue Saphire basmati rice can easily transform any dish into a delightful experience. All the dishes will be curated to perfections. Every grab of blue Saphire basmati rice keeps alive the tradition of serving the true flavours.

KNAM FOODS’ everyday basmati rice serves with the fusion of all the needed nutrients, maintaining the authenticity alive. The long rice grains are naturally processed and grown to keep the freshness and delicacy intact. The procedure is healthy and hygienic to offer the taste even while having normal rice with other ingredients or food. The long-grain rice intact with the delicacy to keep the flavour, aroma and taste right on point.

Our XXL Basmati Rice is naturally processed from the selected top-notch quality of premium paddy of the best-selected states. The grains of the rice are non-sticky and fluffy, coming from the longest rice grain in the world. Assuring that it does not break, our Royal XXL basmati rice has been designed in a way to ensure the ideal maintenance of the product in the pristine condition. Whether you cook it normal or create a special dish, the visual appeal of your dishes will impact a more delicious meal. 

KNAM FOODS’ Traditional Basmati rice presents with the astounding cooking feature. The twofold cleaned, smoother and white-hued basmati rice has thin and elongated grains. Acquired from the authentic paddy fields, every grain of our GRM’s traditional basmati serves for an aromatic appeal. Refined to perfection, the rice when cooked stays particular, dry and soft in appearance as well as in taste. Our traditional basmati rice will serve you with a sweet-tasting flavour reviving the royal cuisine. Best authenticated for making steamed rice served with your favourite side dish. 

Chosen by the Chefs, all over the world, GRM’s Chef Choice Basmati rice is curated to suit the food industry standards. Marking it as the best choice of the chefs, GRM’s Chef choice basmati rice grains have endurance in serving more plates. It can also bear more heat and aggressive stirring while cooking without affecting or breaking the grains. The use of the long grains in your dish will create that visual appeal for your dishes. 

Filled with nutrients and added values, KNAM FOODS’ Sehat brown rice serves for the best taste as well as the added aroma. Our Sehat rice is well nurtured with iron and vitamins. A proper bowl of  Sehat brown rice will serve you with the nutritional value. Equivalent to two glasses of milk or a bundle of spinach, the Sehat brown rice would be well served in the form of steamed rice or fried rice. 

Form of traditional basmati rice, KNAM FOODS’ Lazeez, as the name suggests has a unique flavour and aroma to it. Specialised with golden texture and extra-long grain, the rice gives it a special place to be in our product basket. Inspired by some of the finest culinary creations around the world, Lazeez special rice is the signature to making authentic biryani. Every single rice grain will be long and fine enough to relish the beauty of the meal, created for a family supper or lunch.

Shahee Biryani Special rice is one of the finest long grain fusion matured basmati grains of rice. The matured grain has come from the best selected. Known for quality and excellence, KNAM FOODS’ Shahee special rice brings in its purest form and makes it ideal rice for catering gourmet food. The rice has a unique fragrance, making it an apt choice for pilaf, fried rice and biryani.

Covering more than 75% of the overall length of the unbroken rice grain, Super Dubar is highly in demand in all residences. Every Dubar grain of KNAM FOODS’ Basmati Rice can be well attributed to the extraordinary soil and climatic condition of the place. Free from Sodium, our Super DubarBasmati Rice grains offer quality retaining their freshness and aroma for a longer time. Adding delightful taste in all sort of rice food, Dubar basmati rice can embellish your daily meals.

KNAM FOODS’ Super Tibar is suitable for all food, and falls into the category of unbroken rice grain.Maintaining the seal of quality, the naturally grown and processed Tibar rice goes through the best manufacturing facility to present magnificent aroma and distinctive taste. The long grains thus could be best served in the form of pulao or biryani. The long and fulfilling grain undoubtedly relish the taste buds.

Every grain of rice is naturally grown and processed to perfection. The delightful meals need to have the right proportion and the apt ingredients that will create the wow factor. And this is what our KNAM FOODS’ Kheer Special bring in.The elongation of the rice grain makes the Indian sweet  more enjoyable. The perfect blend of aroma and taste will bring in the splendour of the royal Indian homemade dessert.

Every grain of rice is naturally grown and processed to perfection. The delightful meals need to have the right proportion and the apt ingredients that will create the wow factor.